Arduino core memory shield is ready and for sale

Hi all,

after three hardware iterations my core memory shield is now finished. I am selling it as a kit on Tindie.
I sell on Tindie


Here is all the material related to the kit:


Thanks to Ben North and Oliver Nash at for the inspiration and encouragement!

14 thoughts on “Arduino core memory shield is ready and for sale

    • Thanks for your kind words! It is nice to see that there are many people who have an interest in retro technology. I like it because they have the same concepts as modern technology but in a macroscopic and simplified way. To answer your question, yes, I program all the CPLDs prior to shipping.

  1. So, you are using big, chunky, cpld which have tons of registers and even more gates as interface to 32bit memory, whoa that waste of hardware is huge.

    • I wouldn’t call the CPLD big. The interface logic uses 21 of the 32 macrocells available. Compared to a solution with discrete logic chips it is cheaper, more interesting and takes way less space.

      • I know, but in discrete it would be more like original, this project goal is show vintage memory modules, so it should be as close to original card as possible, other way this project is non sense.

        • My intention is not to be period accurate but to help people experiment with this technology which is otherwise hard to approach.

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